Most of us (Indians) who live abroad I guess have one thing common, desire to go back to our home country and settle there. There are various reasons : family commitments, parents need care, raise kids with Indian values, try to be around relatives & friends, early retirement and now India being the most happening place, look for business and investment opportunities.

Well, we gave this desire a shape of concrete decision and a new phase of life started. 15 years of life abroad, leaving friends behind who had pampered us like anything and being lucky to have great neighbors, this was not an easy decision to make. There were more questions than answers, lot of anxiety and unknowns as well. We never paid too much attention on what India had to offer in terms of infrastructure during our earlier visits, it used to be short and sweet trip, where we met our near and dear, travelled places, had fun and went back. Now we had to explore many things, just one misstep and you jump right back with the bag and baggage.

I had seen many of my friends and colleagues who shifted back to India but could not stay either because their kids had too many problems or they themselves could not deal with problems. So this additional pressure kept me on my toes. Moreover I always feel that one should make up one’s mind considering all the facts and go for it with full force and commitment, keeping no room for rollback. This required lot of planning and trust me not everything we planned was a hit, we had few misses as well.

To start with, I could not even find an appropriate Indian shipping company who could provide me end to end service until I used my network of friends. You cannot solely depend upon internet as the information available there was irrelevant and old. There is so much to write from the point where we made this decision, shipping, enrolling kids to schools, buying cars, property, what you need in India, how it’s working out here, what was expected, what we got, where our expectations are met and where we encountered surprises.. keep checking out..as I get time I will write all about what we experienced. Few things to note if you are already in planning phase:

1. If you have account in nationalized bank, do not close it. This will be very helpful for address validation in India.
2. Do not throw your Indian driving license.
3. PAN card, if you do not have one then get it made.
4. As soon as you become citizen of another country your Indian Passports would be stamped cancelled. Do not discard Indian Passports, even if they are stamped cancelled.
5. Need lot of passport sized photographs.